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I am a resident in Block A2. I have been having a big problem with condensation on a few of the windows in my apartment.

To date I have not made any headway with either the builder or the window suppliers.

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Hi Derek,
Yes I have also had this problem every winter, I was under the impression that the vents in the window frame were supposed to eliminate or greatly reduce this problem but they don't seem to be working, I find the problem to be extremely bad in the bedroom on the doors to the balcony....I am in block A1. I did bring this to the attention of Barry the site foreman while ABM were still on site and he told me that there wasn't anything they could do as there wasn't any problem with the windows themselves. He just advised to ensure that the vents were left open to promote airflow.


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Hi Garry,

I too had numerous visits from both Barry and representatives from the window company.

After advice from Barry I leave the vents open all year round (he even widened them to increase the air flow) to no avail.

The window people also claim that the windows met all European Specifications. I am a little confused however as I did not think condensation should be present at all with double glazing.

It is that bad and nearly on a daily basis that I cannot see out the window most mornings. My concern is that this will cause damage in the long term.

At a bit of a loss what to do next.



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Hi there neighbours!

I'm also in A1 and my windows suffer condensation too. Mainly in the bedrooms. The vent to alleviate the problem to some degree but not completely. Leaving them open at night can make the room quite cold so I close them and in the morning open the window/doors. I close them before going to work but leave the bedroom door open so that they dry up and no mould grows.

Not sure if it is a problem with the windows, just the temperature outside vs inside.