Composite Doors


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I see a lot of nice Composite Doors on the estate replacing the ****ty original Dwyer Nolan doors, Mine is leaking water all over the place when we get heavy rain, under the door and now even thru the panels on the door and side window!

Can anyone who has had one fitted recommend a place where they got them and are you also happy with what you got.
I Notice a lot of them are Black, I have be told by a lot of Sales people I have been speaking to that I should avoid Black if I get a lot of sun at the front of my house which I do, as the doors tend to buckle over time.

My mothers door actually did this also, so they are not wrong!
Anyone have any details of people who fitted their doors... I am also looking at a door called Palladio, which seem to be one the best and most secure doors out there, anyone have one of those fitted??

Cheers in advance....


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Surely the point of composite doors is that they won't buckle or twist and warp.
Yeah I would have thought that too, But anything Black is going to attract heat in sunlight.
I also have seen it happen to an expensive black composite so when I put the question to any of the Door Dealers I have spoken to....Fairco, etc. to name but a few, they all said the same if I was to get direct sunlight on the front of the house most of the time, which I do, do not go for black!

Have a door sorted now anyway....