Commuters Parking In The Estate?


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Is anyone facing problems with cars parking for the train in the estate??

It’s been mentioned a few times that along the wall that separates the estate from the Alverno Hotel, some people have copped on that it’s a handy place to park the car for the train. I’ve heard that it’s quite a common problem with estates that are near stations, and in a case mentioned in the Northside People houses near the Baldoyle Dart station had their driveways blocked constantly. Do you think this might happen here?


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Cars parked

Don't think anyone is silly enough to block a driveway but the number of cars seem to be growing more and more every few weeks along the drive..i live on the drive and see different cars almost every week.Is there anything we can do to stop this?


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I know what you mean! In fairness now that was an extreme case the - whole Baldoyle situation. I apologise for not having the minutes of the last meeting set up yet but they have to be confirmed in the next one (the whole bureaucracy is mad but to be above board and transparent it has to be done) but that was one issue brought up on the agenda… anyhow we’re in contact with one of the local councillors and we will see if putting double yellow lines down by the County Council is an option. Of course before actually going ahead with it, we will have to canvass the residents and see if they would want that. But what it would mean is at least we’ll have the right to have the cars towed if need be. If anyone has any other suggestions please let us now; the sooner we solve this problem the better.


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Hi there,
In regard to accosting double yellow lines on the road for the drive, I think people should consider available parking for visitors or the lack of. If you get double yellow lines then technically your own visitors cannot park there. You could end up getting a neighbours car towed or their visitors.
I think another suggestion is needed.


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Would displaying permits be an option? You can then give a vistors permit to anyone who is visiting. Each one could have the reistration of the residents car. Anyone not displaying a permit can then be warned of their infringement...


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I certainly think we'd be cutting our nose off to spite our face if were to campaign for double yellows to be put down on the drive. There is very little provision for visitor parking for the Drive residents, and indeed the Court residents. I know that all of our visitors park on that side of the road so it certainly wouldn't be in our interest for it to be off-limits.

I would however suggest a single yellow line be put there. This would stop train commuters from parking there during normal working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 9am-5pm while allowing visitors parking outside of those hours. Would this solve the problem while keeping everyone happy at the same time?


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What about taking a simpler option first and leaving a message on windscreens to inform the drivers that they have no permission to park on a residential road. It would seem that it is the same drivers more or less every morning, if that did not get the message across, then perhaps a single yellow line would be an idea. I know it was mentioned at the first meeting about road signs for the Drive/Court, what about erecting our own sign (as a stop gap) to inform drivers that they are now in a residential area and cannot park in this area. I know the council will eventually complain that any sign must have planning permission, however a temperory sign may suffice until a permenant sign was in place, and I would assume that the council would already have pre planned for signs anyway


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car parking by commuters

there is an ongoing problem with parking not only in southshore but also at the local shops and beach area by commuters leaving their cars all day and really causing quite a headache for us all, both residents and shoppers!

i would think if the bus fares from and to the train station were costing much less (currently 1.30e each way) then perhaps commuters would use the bus and not need to park, im sure it must be as much a headache for them to find places early in the morning too! much more effective if the train and bus fares were included in the weekly or monthly ticket


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A bit of an update: The issue was again on the agenda at the last meeting (8th of Jan). The double yellow lines option was discussed and was quickly discarded-as Lydaly and Mokey have already pointed out it would prevent visitors and residents from using the extra spaces and would generally be counterproductive. Also residents have apparently left notes and even confronted the owners of some of the vehicles with mixed results. We decided to further research the options available with the county council and our local Gardai and this is what’s happened so far:

In a phone call with John the head of the Environment Dept. at Meath County Council we were informed that although it’s their job to approve any signage or change in traffic markings, they generally only go forward on the recommendations of the local Gardai especially in the case of a private estate where their jurisdiction is limited …. When we asked if they could suggest or know of methods to prevent what were facing from becoming a bigger problem, again they suggested we contact the Gards.

Sergeant Burke of the Laytown Garda station was quite sympathetic with the problem and did see the possibility of it escalating in the future. He did also point out that the council plans to extend the car park in a new area on the other side of the estuary and revamp the pedestrian bridge although admittedly he mentioned this might take years. I brought up the suggestion of a single yellow line but in his opinion legitimates cars who have been parked might still be inadvertently ticketed (in fairness I forgot to mention that we wanted to target the 9-5 commuters and have it in affect around the relevant times) The idea of putting up a “Residential Area” sign or “Residents only” or something of that ilk was more warmly received… so perhaps we could ask the council to put one up on his recommendation? He also said that during the Neighbourhood Watch meeting on the 29th of Jan we could bring these issues up with the Gardai and any issue that would require their advice or involvement. Anyhow keep the suggestions coming!


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Parking on the Street

I don't mind people parking there as long as they don't block driveways. I can't see how we have rights to tell anyone not to park on a public street. We are lucky we're beside the train station and are not further up the road in Inse Bay or even Bettystown. Someone mentioned the bus fares being too much to get people to the station. Have you any idea how frequent those buses are? They're hardly non-existent and I think come once an hour. I think a car park should be provided for those who need to park at the station. If we lived further up, we'd probably be the ones parking here so have a heart. The commute is hard enough to Dublin on the train and to wait at the station for a long time because of buses would add a long time to someone's daily commute.