Common Sense

Stephen Canning

Moderator (The Commons)
Hello All

If anyone is still active and using this forum from the estate, or the apartments, I am happy to notify you of the following:

The Estate grass cutting, excluding the apartment areas, is now funded for the first cuts of the year. As all will have noticed the grass has been cut twice already and we are on track for all necessary cuts throughout the year.

Properties to the rear of the apartments have also had the grass cut which faces them. This land is not under the ownership of the Commons Estate, but, as almost all have now paid in full who overlook this area, the area has been attended.

We now need a committee. Any interested parties should notify me and I can organize an emergancy meeting thereafter.

Once an emergency committee is in place a permanent committee can be elected.

All people wishing to join must realise that this is a non paying position.

Please email me

Kind regards