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Has anyone had problems with the management commitee over the parking of vans ?? I have had letters from them saying i was not allowed. This is a load of bullsh1t in my eyes. I understand if it was a 40ft truck but a transit is hardly an obstruction.


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Commercial Vans at Grattan Wood

April 2nd, 2009

Regarding your query about Commercial Vans - my name is John Clancy, I was a Director of the Management Company which manages Grattan Wood (Grattan Hall Management Limited) - I became the first Owner-Director in April 2006, and I resigned in November 2008.

To clarify your query in reagrd to Commercial Vans - Firstly, you should inform yourself by obtaining a copy of the "Grattan Wood Parking Policy" document, which I myself designed and which was distributed, along with a comprehensive Covering Letter, on February 20th, 2008.

To clarify - If you are an Apartment Owner at Grattan Wood, the Head Lease document which you signed at time of buying your Apartment at Grattan Wood ALREADY bars you from parking Commercial vans at Grattan Wood, and the Parking Policy Document was fully based on the Head Lease, and is actually LESS STRINGENT than the Head Lease in terms of Parking Rules.

Commercial Vans were an ongoing problem since Grattan Wood was built, up to and including 2008 when we finally brought the issue of Commercial Van Parking under control - and the reasons that they were a problem were as follows -

1. Drivers were parking large, filthy Vans within the Campus, which were frankly an aesthetic eyesore, and were lowering the tone of the Campus - Let me clarify - The Grattan Wood Carparks are PURELY for Residential Usage, NOT Commercial Usage, although we allowed some limited exceptions under the Parking Policy Document

2. Some Van Drivers were also towning Trailers into Grattan Wood, and parking the Van-Trailed combination longitudinally across 4 to 5 Parking Spaces, thereby disadvantaging other Owners

3. Many Van Drivers didn't bother their barney to properly park their Vans, and parked them across multiple Parking Spaces

4. Many Van Drivers were carrying Van-loads of Rubbish into the Campus, and then using the Bin Sheds to dispose of this material - this was a clear abuse of the Bin Sheds

5. In one case in 2008, I myself actually caught, red-handed, a Tenant from the Willow Block actually SELLING Vans from the Willow Carpark.

Because of these various issues, we decided to enforce the Head Lease in regard to not allowing the parking of Commercial Vans, although we made some limited exceptions, as follows -

1. We allowed such Vans which were parking overnight at Grattan Wood, prior to the implementation of the Parking Policy on February 20th 2008, to continue to do so, but only under (a) Discretionary Sanction from the Directors which can be revoked at any time, and (b) strictly-enforced Rules regarding these Vans - and there are ONLY THREE such Vans which are allowed to park overnight at Grattan Wood. We took the view that these three Owners had been allowed to park these Vehicles by the previous Board, and for us to outright ban them at that late stage in the day might cause serious inconvenience to the Drivers concerned. HOWEVER, we also said that after February 20th 2008, NO FURTHER VANS WOULD BE ALLOWED TO PARK OVERNIGHT AT GRATTAN WOOD, or for extended periods

2. We allowed Car-sized Vans to continue to park overnight at Grattan Wood, as long as these Vehicles are kept clean and are properly parked

3. Contractor Vans are obviously allowed to park when work is being carried out within the Campus, but they are not allowed to park overnights.

In a nutshell, if you are an Apartment Owner, you have ALREADY agreed to a much stricter policy when you signed the Head Lease - and the Head Lease also compels you to comply with any further Regulations implemented by the Management Company, such as the Parking Policy. And if you are NOT an Apartment Owner, but you are instead a Tenant - then your Landlord is compelled to ensure that you comply with the Parking Policy, and should you not do so, any Van which you park at Grattan Wood will be clamped.

I have been living at Grattan Wood since August 2001, and frankly, the abject failure of the previous Board (the Developer) to enfore the Head Lease resulted in many, many problems, and a very poor standard of living at Grattan Wood. Since I became a Director, we took several steps to bring to a stop the carry-on that was going on within the Campus, which at times was just completely unacceptable. The Parking Policy is a key part of the new Management Framework for Grattan Wood, which I personally designed, and I make NO APOLOGIES for implementing. The Quality of Living which we have at Grattan Wood now, compared to what it was like up to even early 2008, more than justifies what we have done.

It is regrettable that you are not happy with the ban on parking of Commercial Vans, but I'm afraid that this Ban will remain in place, and before I resigned as a Director, that was one of the points which I agreed with the remaining Director, Mary Faherty, and also with the Managing Agent. Whilst I note that your Posting is approximately a year old at this point, I would encourage you NOT to breach the Parking Policy, or you Van WILL be clamped. Should you not possess a copy of the Parking Policy, please contact Wallis Property Management at 01-6629000, and ask them to send you a copy of both the Parking Policy and also the COvering Letter which I myself personally distributed to all Apartments on February 20th, 2008.


John Clancy
Former Director, Grattan Hall Management Limited

April 2nd, 2009.