Combating Anti Social Behaviour


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A form I found which is useful for reporting Anti Social Behaviour

I have noticed since I moved into Lanesborough a no of years agao, a notable increase in anti social behaviour.

This ABS seems to come from teenagers milling around and causing damage more so than problem families, in general, although I stand to be corrected.

Now, obviously the parents of these kids should have some control over their offspring but can't be bothered as it seems they are in the main just let run loose around the estate. I have seen kids younger than 12 yrs old out at 11pm at night - obviously great parenting going on there.

Anyways, the question then remains, what are we, the residents supposed to do about this?

If we say anything to these troublemakers, they run off fair enough but we are the ones who can get in trouble. If we call the cops they don't turn up 90% of the time. For example, I caught these little gits twice in the past couple of months attempting damage to my property, I ran out and confronted them to prevent the damage going any further, took a bit of cheek as they have no respect but managed to restrain myself from smashing their faces in, took pictures of them and the damage they caused, knew where at least 2 of them lived and rang the cops.

Told the cops what had happened, told them I had picture evidence and knew where 2 of the culprits lived. I mean all the cops had to do was turn up and arrest - everything else was on a plate for them. Guess what on both occassions the cops never turned up!

I rang back and got told I was a low priority case - I mean has no one heard of the broken windows theory, whereby if you let them off when they are young with little crimes, their courage grows and the go on to commit larger and larger crimes as time goes on, while also encouraging those who may have been afraid of getting caught now to participate in the ABS,

So what is to be done then - well all of us residents of Lanesborough, which if we are honest are pretty piss poor at communicating with each other as neighbours need to stand together to prevent this from getting worse.

If we don't, it will escalate and escalate and any of us who are home owners on this estate better act now or we will make a rod for our own backs.

I suggest firstly, that on this thread we log all incidences of ABS that occur, the date and time they occured, the no. of perpatrators, the crime they committed, if you took pictures / video shots of them and if you know where any of them live. I also suggest you log if you called the cops and whether they turned up or not. If they did turn up, what was the waiting time and what response did you get.

These forums are usually pretty poorly responded too but do tend to get a lot of views so residents are out there monitoring what's going on so please get active.

Once we collect enough samples of ABS and what the reponses were like from the cops, we can raise to the community garda, the superintendent and our local TD'S.

If that isn't enough, my boss happens to be best mates with the new Attorney General (Marie Whelan) so I'm sure I can have a word in his ear if needs be.

I'm determined not to let this estate, turn into a cesspit if I can help it, but I can't do it on my own - I need all of you viewers of threads out there to helo me by logging your own incidences of crime on here and the cops responses.

Also, use the ABS Complaint form on the website above and send it to Fingal. The more your a pain in everyones arse, the more they will finally get around to listen to us. Its always the quiet kids in class who get ignored you know!

I also have started compiling a database of the gouriers involved in the ABS, and so far, I have logged, 3 teens names and confirmed full addresses, with another 5 names and addresses yet to be confirmed. I also have pictures of two of them doing damage. I suggest that you do this too. We can all share it with the community garda etc when we get to that stage.

Most of these kids are Lanesborough / Charlestown residents but they tend to carry out the ABS in the other end of the estate that they are from - e.g. if they are from Charlestown they tend to do ABS in Lanesborough and vice versa. But you can find out their names etc if you try, all legal and above board - it's easier than I thought.

I paid good money for my house and I bought it as a home for me and my family and I'm dammed if I'm going to let it go to rack and ruin and become a miserable place to live because of a few badly parented kids.

I really hope I actually get some reaction to this thread and that people do start centrally logging their ABS incidences etc. We have to try and keep our community a decent place for us all to live in and not let a few bad apples ruin it.

We can do it too - all it takes is a willingness on you the reader of this threads part to get involved!

If you have any other suggestions or comments, please feel free to add also.