Clean up for Warrenstown

Hi Residents of Warrenstown,
would anyone be interested in a clean up day for Warrenstown way and Warrenstown drive. The duties would include, grass cutting, sweeping and picking up rubbish. Depending on the number of people that volunteer it should only take about half an hour to an hour of your time. If any one is interested please reply to this message or email
Warrenstown resident.


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I think it is a great idea but would be even better if we could do it for more of the estate. I am over in Warrenstown vale and would love to take part.
Thanks for your reply Shane.
I agree with you about cleaning more of the estate. Maybe if more people volunteer it could happen. It would be a big project and would need a lot of organising and dedication from people. Lets see how many reply to this forum. If people send an email to I will set up a group email and contact people through that so everyone is kept up to date. I spoke to the council and they will supply bags and collect the rubbish after the clean up.
Poor response

Well Shane, looks like it is just you and me.. Over 100 views to this post and yours was the only reply.. Looks like nobody else cares...:-(


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I know the feeling. I am lucky in that the other 4 houses on my road are good, but i have been doing a bit around to try and encourage people without any success.

May need to put some signs up? Any of your neighbours expressed an interest?

I have one neighbour who is keen but he feels the same as i do that we need more than that.
The post was worth a try, maybe I need to go door to door looking for volunteers.???