Clamping in operation in the Verdemont from 18 June 2012


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Hi all,

please provide your feedback about this. Do you believe it has resolved problems? are you finding it has created others?

let's share!




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hi new to this site ...with the amount of cars been broken into and the clampin im finding verdemont going down hill fast ..
i have had my car clamped and after finding out my rights and the law regarding clampers i took it upon my self to remove the clamp i did not damage the clamp or lock in any way .i would have no problem doing it the next time ..also if any body in verdemont wants me to take there clamp off i will do so for half the normal cost and will do so infrount of the garda and a member of the clamping company .......dont be bullyed STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!


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What about the rights of residents who have dutifully paid their management fees? After all it is a legal requirement to do so... Those who pay get a residents permit, those who don't pay get clamped. Very simple logic really. If you are renting, get your landlord to pay the clamp fee...that will soon teach them to abide by their legal obligations to pay the management fees.

And as the clamp is the property of the clamping company I am certain they would have a very different legal opinion on what you are doing / proposing to others!