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Has anyone heard anything about the CCTV project.

We were guaranteed that the money paid would be ring-fenced for the CCTV project only. Is this happening


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To my knowledge, nothing has been done. I estimate they will have raised 75-90K from the whole development, easily enough to install the cameras. I am very concerned as I live on the ground floor facing away from the car park area.

Monday morning, I walked out the front door and saw a blue moped torn to pieces on one of the grassy knolls. I dont know the owner but recognised it from the car park. The thieves couldnt get the wheel brace off, but tried to throw it over the fence. Bits of it were hanging on the rails and it was lying against the wall. If they were aware of CCTV operation I bet they wouldnt have taken the time to steal it, once the wheel brace didnt come off. Its a bloody disgrace and I dont see how any residents can have confidence in the management company, especially with the severe fees we are paying.


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Have you paid fee's for 2007 yet ? I had a problem with Wallis Prop Mgmt and have had on going talks with them about the fee's etc. I have not paid them. I paid last years total then a few days letter received 2 letters from solicitors about the outstanding amount. I informed them it was paid. The i get the statement from Wallis with an extra 300 approx they charged me for the 2 letters from the solicitor ! So i have been kicking up a fuss about it ! I also had a go off him about the CCTV and he said the contract had been awarded and something would be sent out to the residents about it. Believe that when i see it !!
Wallis Property Mgmt are a joke, the money we pay them and the service we get off them is sh1te !! No two ways about it !


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Have to agree with you Barca. Something has to be done! The reason he said work isn't been done is because not everyone has paid their 2007 fee's. What a joke. Sure the money for 2006 is used to pay for work in 2007 and so.........Then again, Nothing wouls surprise me with them.


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Another Month on.

Another month has now passed since I was talking to David Wallis about getting the intecom and fences fixed. Still no joy on either of them. I initially had someone out in January and he could not fix it but said he'd be back around in a few days. That few days has now turned into 7 months. DAvid Wallis, people's management company of the year.......NOT!!!!!:mad:


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Grattan Wood - Service Charges, CCTV, etc.

April 2nd, 2009

Hello... Message to all Posters re Grattan Wood -

My name is John Clancy, I was the first Owner-Director of Grattan Hall Management Limited, which is the Property Management Company which manages Grattan Wood. I would like to clarify a few points for many Posters on this Board, as there seems to be a lot of confusion going around - but I note that most of the Posts are 2 years old or so -

1. The CCTV Project is fully complete, at a cost of € 85,000, and has greatly increased the Security Level at Grattan Wood - on top of that, we have a Monitoring Policy for the System, and up until November 2008 when I resigned as a Director (having been a Director since April 2006), I personally operated the System and was the desugnated CCTV Officer. The System has been fully paid for by the Management Company at this point

2. Assertions that "Wallis Property Management do nothing !", "the Management Company does nothing !" - You are very ill-informed. From working with Wallis over the past three years, they do a hell of a lot of work for which they never receive a word of Credit from Owners / Residents, but often get a lot of abuse. Their Charges to the Management Company itself are extremely competitive with Market Rates, and I satisfyed myself of that fact by doing some research when I was a Director of the Management Company. Furthermore, regarding the Management Company itself (Grattan Hall Management Limited, which is NOT the same thing as the Managing Agent), we have achieved a HUGE AMOUNT since I became an Owner-Director in April 2006, and I challenge anyone to find a better-run or more transparently-run Management Company in this Country. In summary, we have achieved the following during the 2 years and 7 months when I was a Director -

* Largely eliminated Disruptive Resident Behaviour within Grattan Wood
* Wholly eliminated Criminal Activity which we detected in the Campus Carparks
* Eliminated the Disruptive Behaviour by Trinity Sports & Leisure Club, which was causing huge disturbance to our Residents every weekend
* Specified, Designed, Procured, Installed, Commissioned, Tested, and Operated a state-of-the-art CCTV System which has hugely incrteased the level of Security within the Grattan Wood Campus
* Designed & implemented a new Parking Policy to eliminate the serious and periodic abuse of the Campus Carparks which was going on, on an ongoinig basis, by both Residents and Non-Residents
* Implemented a new Management Framework, which is transparent and comprehensive in nature, and which delivers comprehensive Directors' Reports since the 2007 AGM onwards
* Brought Costs under control
* Brough Service Charges under control
* And turned around the Management Company, from a Financial Deficit to a Financial Surplus.

We have achieved all of this with a tiny Management Team, because the vast majority of Company Members - Apartment Owners - were unprepared to come forward to volunteer to become Directors of the Management Company, or to provide any assistance whatsoever to the Management Company. But, like some of the people on this Message Board, quite a few (a) didn't bother to inform themselves regarding the REAL FACTS by actually bothering to attend the AGMs, (b) in the case of Landlords, several of them failed to keep their Tenants under control, resulting in the Management Company having to waste Management Time and Owners Money in doing so (including myself being threatened with being shot on one occasions, and threatened with being assaulted at least twice), (c) very few Owners actually bothered to read the Head Lease, which is their Contract with the Management Company, (d) many Residents didn;t bother to either read or obey the House Rules which are prominently displayed in each Block, and which are also distrubuted to every Owner on an Annual basis by Post. Yet some Owners - including some of the people on this Message Board - sit back as Armchair Critics, throwing criticism and insults against the Management Company and the Managing Agent, whilst at the same time these very same people are either in complete ignorance of their Contractual Responsibilities under the Head Lease, or in clear breach of those Responsibilities, or both.

For the record, let me say that Grattan Wood is a very well-run Development, with Service Charges which are Market-competitive for the scale of the Campus and the Quality of Service which we seek to achieve. The Management Team is absolutely transparent with Owners and Residents in regard to our Management Policies and the Company Performance, unlike the situation we inherited when we took the Campus over from the Developer.

And also, let me inform you all of another FACT - The Directors of the Management Company, since I became a Director in April 2007, did not receive ONE CENT in Remuneration for the work we did, and rarely did we receive any Thanks either, despite both of us (and now only one Director, since I resigned) sacrificing huge amounts of Personal Time to run the Company, and in my own case, accruing Lost Earnings from my own Business of € 90,000 + VAT during the 2 years and 7 months for which I was a Director.

For those of you who have taken the time to inform yourselves well in regard to the Issues at hand and the background to those Issues, and who have said something positive about the Management Company... Thank You. For those of you who haven't... Try attending an AGM and informing yourselves sometime, before you see fit to throw around ill-informed Insults like Confetti being thrown around at a Wedding.

Thank You.

John Clancy
Former Director, Grattan Hall Management Limited

April 2nd, 2009.