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Would the residents comittee kindly have a word with the staff at Cocoon Creche please. Most evenings coming home from work, I nearly go head on with a car coming out of the estate, (i dont drive fast) because the parents cant be bothered parking in the designated car park, and decide to park at the front door instead (very badly most of the time, might i add) It's getting beyond a joke at this stage:mad:


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Hi Gemmaj,
We have on numerous occassions spoken to the staff of the creche and as far as i am aware a letter was sent to their head office (correct me here if I am wrong someone). Unfortunately the parents take no heed to the staff and continue to "abandon" their cars.

If everyone complained individualy aswell it might help.

I'm afraid there is only so much the residents committee can do on this one.


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Far enough Winnie, i wasnt aware that you (residence comittee) sent them a letter, its bad form then on the parents part. Do you have a nmae of who i should ask for as i wouldnt mind sending them a letter? PM me if you need to:)


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3 letters have now been sent - and a letter from KPM - they were very nice about it and have put up a notice for parents asking them not to park there - however this has done nothing!!!!!

we have also contacted the school asking them to advise parents not to park, in at on or close to the roundabout.

I frequently stop and ask the parents why they are parking there when there is a car park!!!

Its like we have asked the staff not to drop there cigarette butts at the door of the kitchen - apart from the hygiene issues of their staff smoking next to the kitchen the littering issue is a joke!!!


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Ohhhh I'm always so tempted to know someones door off outside that creche! Could so easily happen.
Can the creche not put up cones outside with no parking? Really annoys me as most of the time there are available spaces in the car park beside the creche. Even still people will pull in both sides of the road to avoid walking an extra 20 feet!
I think individually complaining may help, I'm ready to phone or write a letter, whatever the masses feel would work best?