Car Park - where visitors should put theirs cars??? Carrickmines Green


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Dear all,

I have notice that there is no "visitor" car park spaces in front of the appartment blocks. Once they will finish marking spaces there will be no spare spaces left :mad: Management company wants to put clambing in operation but where visitors should put theirs cars??? I think we should do something with it.


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I have the same issue so I contacted the management company.

There response was that they are unable to allocate visitor car parking until the residents that are parking outside the apartment blocks use their allocated spaces in the underground car park.

They told me that they will once everyone is parking correctly be able to see what spaces above ground can be changed to visitor spaces.
They said they will 'take in to consideration the allocation of additional visitor’s spaces. There are a few visitors’ spaces in the car park and visitors spaces on the surface area beside the Walk and the Crescent. These spaces will be marked out when the yellow lines are installed.'

I can't say that they management company were very helpful with this and I am unable to get in touch with the residents association to see if they have any other information either. It does seem that Oak House has no visitor spaces but new spaces were recently made outside of Beech House and Laurel House.

Hopefully something will be sorted soon or at least some information can be passed on to the residents!!


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Yesterday I came back home to a big car park space has been marked :D I thought Happy Days :D I couldn’t be wrong more!!! I have realised that there is ONE yes ONE visitor car park space for the whole estate! I am still hoping that this is a joke :confused: