Car Park Break In


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Does anyone have any further information about the car break in as it is very disconcerting to think that somone is lurking around the underground car park. It would make you nervous even going to put out the rubbish!!:(


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Car park break-in

It is a bit of a worry alright. The problem is that a lot of residents leave the pedestrian entrance open and anyone can stroll in. My wife and I are forever closing it when driving in/out the gate. It has improved recently but it still happens now and again. It's the same with the front door (of block 3 anyway). It should NEVER be left on the latch.

Also, a remote control for the carpark was stolen from the car in question. According to OPDM this has been deactivated, but it's worrying that somebody would leave it in their car anyway. That doesn't make sense. It puts all of our cars at risk.

I have raised a few concerns with ODPM and these will be addressed at the 1st residents meeting, which hopefully will take place soon.


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Pedestrian entrance

Surely there should be a spring on the pedestrian entrance to close the gate after exiting or entering???

I agree about the front door in Block 3, it is a big security risk and if a car can be broken into it is a warning to be more vigilant with our properties. I will look forward to the resident meeting.


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Car park

Hi Kathy,
I have being saying to the builders from day one that there should be a spring attached to that gate but they have refused to install one. Maybe if more people say it to them and the subject is raised again at the residents meeting something might be done.


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ANOTHER Break-in

There was ANOTHER car broken into and ransacked last night. We desperately need to get more security. Maria is trying to organise a commitee meeting to discuss possible security measures.


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Main Gate under block 1 WIDE open

This evening as I left the car park around 20h15 under block 1 I noticed the main car gate was wide open and 4 young lads hanging around.
These same buckos were still there an hour later so I called ODPM's emergency number to get the gate fixed.
ODPM eventually answered and told me Elenco will "hopefully" fix it tomorrow.
Let's simply hope our cars, bikes and homes don't get hit in the meantime.
Is there anything we can do?
I managed to get a distant photo of the lads as they were leaving. They may have been totally innocent so I don't see any point in jumping to conclusions, particularly seeing as there is nothing any of us can do to maintain security other than keep a vigil at the gate. Seems like the only way to make ODP notice is if the police have to get involved.
Perhaps i'm overreacting but is it too much to expect that the main entry point be secured by the company we have appointed to look after the place?


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Car Park Gate Failure

Beetlejuice you are not overreacting at all. I've just phoned OPDM and reported the fact that nothing had been done to fix the gates last night. I am absolutely livid. We rang the emergency number at 8oc last night.
OPDM said today that Diarmuid would follow it up with Elenco. They also said that they cannot guarantee that gates could be fixed at night.

How many cars have to be damaged before they start taking security seriously! We've already had a moped and a motorbike stolen. With the gate being left open how long is it going to be before a car is stolen?:mad:

The list of defined emergencies shown in the letter from ODPM this week obviously means nothing.


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Hi Glyn,
The ODPM guy mentioned that someone rang about an hour beforehand so that must have been yourself. Fair play to you for doing that. I'm amazed at how flippant ODPM are and how they are so keen to pass the buck to someone else. Just don't see how they can justify being our property managers when they don't seem to have any real influence, or simply don't have any interest, in incidents like this.
Perhaps us residents should be given a direct line to Elenco as they seem to be the crowd the builders (who blamed them a few times in the past) and now ODPM are using as an excuse.
Mr ODPM informed me he left a message on Elenco's answering machine.
Very diligent :confused:
I asked him could he try them again as I told him I already witnessed an intrusion but he was just another brick wall and was itching to get me off the line. I paid a few visits to the car park like an eejit out of pure annoyance but I was left thinking how ridiculous the whole situation was.
If something as basic and serious as this is allowed to go unchecked then what are we paying these guys for?
It was a struggle with the builders and now it seems the Management company are no better :mad:


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I have to ask the same question. What are we paying for? And why does it have to be a struggle all the time? There is a residents commitee meeting in a couple of weeks and this will definately be raised then.
I checked the car park a few times myself. I parked my car outside for the last few nights as it's safer out there. We really shouldn't have to do that.
The gardai also recommended not parking in the car park. So much for the 'secure car park' as stated by Liberty Homes in the orginal ad for The Watermill.


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*** CHECK YOUR Wheel Nuts **


I live in Block 3, and after hearing odd noises from the car today noticed that all except 1 wheel nut from each wheel of our car had been removed.. There is a blue car in the corner of the car park up on blocks, so I suspect that theives have been in the carpark stealing/trying to steal wheels .. they couldnt get the final nut off each of the wheels on my car ... but obviously very dangerous stuff .. lucky I wasnt driving very far.

I'll get onto ODPM tomorrow, but car park security is definitely an urgent issue for the meeting coming up.


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Car Park

I had Eircom out this week and the guy installing it suggested that calling the Northside People and giving them a story and photo would perhaps embarrass them into taking some action. Might be worth thinking about should we get nowhere with our security issues.


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Bike Stolen

More bad news. There was another break-in in the underground carpark this weekend and my bike (3 months old!) was taken. It was parked in the underground carpark in the bike rack nearest the block 3 bin room. I noticed on Saturday afternoon because the basket from my bike was lying on the ground and another bike was lying discarded just near the entrance to the bin room. My lock, which was fairly hefty, had been cut as had one other lock beside it (that may have been the bike that was lying on the ground).

I reported the break-in to Raheny Garda station and two gardai called around on Sunday to take a statement. They said that they are aware of the security problem and are taking some action and indicated that they could step this up having received another report. They thought that whoever is doing this appears to be on a spree in our carpark! They said that they must have had bullcutters to break my lock.

I feel stupid for leaving the bike there following reports but it just seems ridiculous not to be able to use the underground carpark. I have stopped parking my car there as, obviously, have many people because it is almost impossible now to get a place outside block 3. However, even from the point of view of personal security, I don't feel safe parking there anymore.

I will be getting onto the management company tomorrow. It is absolutely unacceptable that this is continuing to happen. I totally agree with all previous comments on this - what is it going to take for them to do something? Will keep you posted on how it goes (I am not too hopeful!). The story in the Northside People might be a good idea.

I am going to mention this on the thread about topics for the next committee meeting also.



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Car park hit again

Just noticed this morning that there is a Lexus sitting on cement blocks in the car park and a 4x4 has had it's driver's window smashed just beside block 1.
The main gate in which the cars travel in and out is also slightly ajar. Enough for an adult to squeeze through.
Very worrying that something along the scale of a car having all it's wheels removed in the middle of the underground 'secure' car park can happen literally under our noses.
Then again maybe the owner of the Lexus wanted the wheels changed and i'm overreacting but I doubt the owner of the 4x4 needed to smash the driver seat window on the same day.
Just observing.... touch wood.


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Saw a security guard there last night and again this morning. Does anyone know more about it? I assume ODPM put him in there, but doubt that measure will last forever. At this rate we'd be safer to park out on Watermill Road. I've seen the Gardai around a few times lately.

Anyone know of how these problems were addressed in other apartment blocks?