Buying on the Rent to Buy Scheme


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Just wondering if anyone has tried to purchase their house/apartment yet under the rent to buy scheme??

Have you experienced any difficulties from banks given that we signed for a set price on the property last year?

Feel free to PM me as it is a delicate issue for some.

Thanks for all your help


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rentto buy

Im currently under the rent to buy scheme which is comming to the full 18 months term.

a few questions
1. Does the builder give u the deposit paid over the term or does he just take it off the value of the poperty meaning you have to get the deposit up for the remainder of the price of the aptment

2. Can u get the house surveyed by the bank to get the present value of the property and in turn ask the builder for the asking price to be dropped. NO BANK will give you a mortgage on the value of property 18 months ago as it would be putting u into negative equaty.

3. There is a part of the Option Agreement that if you bought the aptment during the first 12 months , then you would be given 3k off the asking price. This asking price was lowered to whatever the price of a simliar property was sold for in that 12 month period, surely this should apply for when you go to buy after 18 months , you just miss out on the extra 3k savings.

Can i get your opions on above and or if you have any relevant experience.