buying a house in ongar


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I am looking for a house in Ongar or Tyrellstown. Basicaly, I am looking for quite town, not far away from Dublin, with local shopping and decent school. I would say, from what I learned from the net, Ongar or Tyrellstown are nearly perfect places for me.
At the same time I do understand that some problems are exist, anyway.
There are couple of houses I really like, but I know nothing about areas. It would be not nice to spend a couple of hundreds K's to realize, that there is a huge problem with teenagers antisocial behavior or drugs in your neighborhood. Therefore, I need your advice
There are areas I am interested in. Please, tell me, what is bad things in those areas, the good things I will see myself.
Hayworth Mews, Ongar
Ballentree Villas, Tyrrelstown

Also, is there a problem to get to Dublin for work? Like, traffic in the mornings, train cancellations? How long would it take to get to city center by car at, say, 9 in the morning and 7 at night?
Schools are good?
Thanks, very much


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Hayworth mews


weve lived in Hayworth Mews for nearly 6 years and havent had any bother.

the playground is a bit of a hub for anti social behaviour at night time but nothing of large scale.

4 Local schools for all faiths a walk away and serviced by great village with shops etc.

So all in all not a bad place to live and from what i can see great value for the houses in the area also


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I've lived in Tyrrelstown for 6 years.

Bad things,

- Shared car parking spaces. I have a terraced townhouse, and people park in my parking space all the time. Very annoying.
- Management company could do better job with managing bins which are thrown around where I live at least.
- Some anti social behaviour in estate, but at some time, it's the size of small town. Haven't encountered anything myself.

Good things,
- Transport. 40d is reliable and right litterally outside door.
- Good quality creches like Giraffes in local business park
- Town center, superquinn and lidl are great.
- Schools. Child starting in sept. Enrolled in educate together primary school. They are promising that new school is ready by then with all sorts of fancy teaching equipment like whiteboards :) (oh, and school is a short walk for me at least)

I moved there because of convenience and price. I was a first time buyer, I wasn't willing to pay a huge price for houses that are smaller than the one I live in now.

Hope that helps..


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Lived on Ongar for 6 year now, very happy, specially the shops in the village.
Recently the changes in the bus-routes has made travel into the town easier. I use Trains they are great, but being a slow walker I take 20 minutes, my other neighbours cover it in around 10 minutes.

In short - I recommend!