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With regard to the flyer dropped in on behalf of Aine Brady yesterday, it would be a welcome addition to get a bus and possibly nitelink running outside our estate. I hope that people will express an interest in this and that something comes to fruition


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i was on to aine brady about this a while ago and she told me that she was sending erepresentations to dublin bus, also, the fine gael fella Bernard (cant think of his name), and he sent me a copy of the reply that dublin bus sent him and Emmet stagg have replied to me about this.

as far as i remember, dublin bus said that the demand wasnt there on easton road for extra buses. which is a ridiculous argument. i will copy the correspondence here if i can find it.


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i have been on to aine brady TD about this, here is the reply:


I will get back to you with a response from Dublin Bus. I have raised this
issue with them regularly over the last 9 months or so. I raised the issue
with them again last week.

I will keep the pressure on.

With every good wish

Yours sincerely

(Tel: 01-618 3057)


Bus Service on Easton Rd Leixlip

To: Áine Brady

Hi Aine,

I have recently moved to Leixlip and i am living in a new estate called
Beechpark on Easton Road. I have decided to get the bus to work from now
on and i was shocked to learn that i had a 25 minute walk to the closest
bus stop.
I am living in a built up area on easton road with plenty of commuters,
but no bus service. it is ridiculous. 1 bus runs per day up easton road.
this is an area that has Hundreds of houses along the road. this area
takes in Cedar park, Oaklawn, Easton Park, Castletown, Cluan Dara,
Loughnamona, Rinawade, Glen Easton and Beechpark. That is a lot of votes.

Can you tell if there is any plans afoot to expand the bus service up
easton road?

Kindest Regards

she did get back to me about this again and has pressed the issue butno changes yet.