Bus Stop Moves & Cycle Lane Development


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Fingal County Council's site engineer has today advised Carpenterstown Park Residents Association that decisions pertaining to the recent development of cycle lane between Laverna roundabout and Sycamore roundabout on Laverna/Bramley side were the decision of the Council - and acknowledged not to be to display plans as agreed in original QBC planning. The cycle lane is now to revert to display plans and the new cycle boundary will be built onto the white line running parallel with the recent cycle lane works.

The Sycamore Park bus stop was moved to a non-public visibility location next to a corner house at Sycamore Park - this is now to be moved to the otherside of the footpath running from Carpenterstown Avenue footpath accessing Sycamore Park. It is not an ideal situation, however it will allow anyone alighting or waiting for a bus at this location to have full visibility around them.

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association will be attending the Dublin 15 Community Council this evening Tuesday 8th March 2011 at 8pm in St Brigids Community Centre (behind church Blanchardstown). All welcome.