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has anyone got broadband yet? looking to get it in and i think irish broadband is the only one we can get without phoneline but they put an attachment on your roof?
anyone have info on this?

Maria Waters

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Yeah I got broadband. I went with BT (Broadband and Total Talk- €45/mth). Working well so far but advice- get your own modem if you can. It took AGES for them to send me one!!

P.S- I think I was chatting with you on "Ask About Money":)


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Hi All,

Anyone had any luck getting broadband without a line rental?

I know with BT you need a line rental and this means contacting Eircom to have the physical line installed (i couldn't get we did not have this done already from the developers) which meand paying €130.00 just for that.

Thanks and regards.