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Can anyone tell me what braodband services are available in our area and which ones they recommend?



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We have eircom at the moment cos it seems like the only option.we tried irish broadband but it didn't work.I also rang ntl last night to see if they have their broadband set up(I rang a yr ago and they told me 6-12 months).Apparently it'll be another 5/6 months b4 they are set up,I presume because the builders are still on site.NTL seem to be one of the cheapest options...


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I have the broadband in a box from Irish Broadband. Its quite good and only costs €19 per month


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I use Eircom, but if I was looking for a provider now I would look into using one of the mobile operators, Vodafone, O2 or 3.
Think all 3 have a transmitter on the Eircom tower so the service in our area should be very high quality. No issue with setting up etc and its very cheap..

Ronan C

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NTL Broadband - Windmill Court


Anyone in Windmill Court have NTL broadband? I called NTL the other day and they said the service was not available yet. Looks like its in other parts of the development just not the Court. Can anyone let me know if this is the case.