Broadband service availability

Rock D2

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Irish Broadbands "Ripwave" product works ok

( They have a base station just over 200meters away from us )

It's not real broadband with 500kbps 1/2Meg Max Download.

But for general surfing and downloading its fine and cheap at €18.99 a month.

Rock D2

Moderator (Wintergarden)
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ps.If you get Ripwave its fine ,,I am on a top floor the signal is strong in this area. Put the unit near your window in the direction of the river.


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New here, I was just enquiring if Ripwave is still performing as well in the area as I know its performance can degrade in areas. I dont mind slow speeds as long as i can download.
Thanks for any info.


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NTL BRoadband

I subscribed to the NTL Wi-Fi broadband and its actually very fast in the our apartment block and cheap at only €19.99 a month!