Blocked toilets

Susie Woosie

New Member
I'm in a 1 bed apt in Ongar and my toilet is constantly blocking
(I live in block with 3-4 apts on ground floor and 3-4 duplexes on top)

Its blocked again for something like the 5th/6th time within 2 years.

The management company keep saying its my fault, but "they will sort it out" - i.e. get someone to do whatever it is they do in an outside drain (which always sorts it)

I have been doing best since last blockage to ensure no more blockages - i.e. thinner paper, not putting anything that shouldn't be down toilet and regularly bleaching the loo

I live by myself and work full time - so toilet gets rarely used!

I know this is not a nice topic to talk about - but is anyone else experiencing problems like this?