Block Z


Did Block Z get planning permission recently? I thought the builder had built this illegally and could not sell or rent out apts here? Does anyone know anything about it and is this why parking has become impossible again?


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Hey, I have no idea what is going on.
To be fair, parking isn't really any worse than it was, apart from the multiple UPC vans etc.

Has anyone heard anything about the bin sheds?
They're crammed full of cardboard boxes, which makes sense with all the new people moving in, but people were just leaving them inside the door and not in the bins.
Not acceptable, but once again, the light is gone in the shed?
Where is the management company?
Phoned them on this last week.


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Hi Lyn and Eoin,

Just to update you on what I 'know' about Block Z
- When I noticed that people were moving in, I called KPM and spoke to David. He said the first they heard of it (people moving in) was when a resident rang them to ask them about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently Shannon Homes are renting them out. Bit of a farce if KPM hadn't been informed in advance - they had to find out from a resident....

So, that's what I've been told.

All the best,


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bin shed

About the bin sheds, residents may have noticed that the bin shed beside block C sometimes has couches, large potted plants etc dumped in it - these come from the beauty salon - all the shops seem to use the bin shed there - unfortunately they use it inappropriately and dump large furniture items in it......

Although once the brown leather couch in our block c, was moved by some jokers to the front door and when I informed the caretaker, instead of putting it back , it was put in the bin shed. I'm pretty sure the bin shed isn't there for furniture items and in any case it was a good couch - a total waste dumping it there.


Bizarre that KPM didn't know people were in block z! I wonder will Shannon Homes be paying a management fee for each apt... David said they couldn't afford a window cleaner for the place as there is no money in the fund (people not paying management fees). I guess I'll have to look at egg on my window for another year! Hopefully they have a reserve fund for salting the roads - this winter is supposed to be worse than last year :(

Yeah the parking is grand now - for about a week a couldn't get a spot after 5.30pm everyday - not sure what was going on but it seems to be fine now. Happy days!