Block E


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I've still heard nothing from my solicitor since my snagging. I am still awaiting a reply on some of the items on my second snag.

No item whats holding things up..


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The builders havent paid their contrubutions to kildare co co so kildare co co wont issue a compliance letter so you cant close


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I moved in 2 weeks ago.

We've been in our apartment (Block E)for about two weaks. Heard that alot of people are struggling to get in.

There shouldn't be any excuse, as their solicitors have now received all paperwork, and if we could get in, then so should you.

We had to make a few changes:
* Cupboard in guest bedroom was put in a STUPID spot. Very heavy, but moveable once you get the screws out of the wall.
* We broke down the cupboard in the main bedroom and wil use its panels to build a walk in cupboard in that strange square room.
* Radiator are ugly and heavy. We threw one out and will probably move the others so that our furniture can fit in.

Other than that, no complaints (except for lifts not working).
All built-in equipment works great!

Good Luck to all of you. Looking forward to meeting our neighbours!


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Hi. My girlfriend and I have just moved from Limerick in to one of apartments in Block E. It is a 1 bed and the room is smaller than we had hoped. There is 1very small wardrobe for the 2 of us and we badly need storage ideas.
We checked with Sliderobes and they won't do anything for less than about €3,000/€4,000.
Does anyone have any ideas where we can get wardrobes/shelves/anything??

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There's Woodies in Lucan or Mulligans Timber yard in Kilcock if you are handy. I know a carpenter who could put them in for you if you wanted the number, he's local. They are alot smaller than i thought as well.


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Loud music

Have any of you guys been keep out of sleep by loud music? I find the bass is what keeps me up the most. The people living in 81 must have a 24-7 disco going. The earliest they've started "raving" was 4am. Its driving me insane, :eek: what should I do?