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Hey folks , Just read an article in Sat Indo paper that bin tag stealing is now a big problem with criminals offering cut price deals on tags ie 3 for 10 euro etc. A new way to supplement their income . Keep an eye out on bin collection day . Our tag was stolen on Thurs morning , if you have no tag your bin does not get empetied. SDCC can do nothing , I pointed out that while we write our name etc , The collector just pulls it off and does not even check . Why ?

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RE: Bins

Hi Jacky, sorry to hear about your problem with the bin tag, guess they couldn't be bothered to check if the tag is for the right address or not. We've haven't experienced any trouble so far, touch wood!

While on the subject of bins, anyone not getting they're green bin collected on Beechdale Place, this is due to the wrong collection calender been sent out. You might have noticed that for the last 6 months or so they were always collected a day or two late. Having contacted oxigen on a number of occasions i finally got in touch with someone that actually had a clue and got to the bottms of the issue. I receiced the correct calender in the post on friday and had suggested that the same be sent around. If you haven't received it, give them a shout but for now the next collection on Beechdale Place is Wednesday 4th April.