Bike Stolen


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had my old raleigh mens mountain bike stolen from the bike rack near the rubbish shed.

It was there thursday of last week, 3rd July 2014, gone when i got back from a trip on sunday.

If anyone saw anything post it here or individually message me.

There are organised gangs stealing 1000's of bikes all over Ireland, if you see anything suspicious ring

Dundrum Garda Station,

Dundrum Garda Station,
Kimacud Road Upper,
Dublin 14.

District HQ: Blackrock
District HQ Tel: +353 1 666 5282
District Officer: Superintendent John Hand

Divisional HQ : Dun Laoghaire
Divisional HQ Tel: +353 1 666 5092
Divisional Officer: Chief Superintendent Jeremiah O'Sullivan