barking dog


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anyone else had enough of that dog barking, i was under the impression we were not allowed to have dogs in the houses/appartments,
the mgmt company are going to send another letter bet that will stop it:(


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It is getting ridiculous - 6:30 this morning the bloody thing was barking - it will have to stop - We don't all have to live with a dog....


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Where is the dog barking? I live in a duplex near the front and I swear I could hear a dog this morning but it sounded like a really young puppy. No idea why it should be outside.
Leaving a dog outdoors all day can be classed as animal cruelty. If the dog is in a garden alone then it is likely to be distressed if it is barking a lot. You could try writing a letter (anonymous maybe?) and let the neighbour know that you are concerned about their dog and explain about the constant barking.

Good luck


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Personally can't say I've heard a dog but the advise giving is worth a try....but doubt if the mgm company will do much as noboby seems to have taken any notice to the letters about the parking etc