Balcony Door Problems


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I live in Burnell Square. My balcony door fell off before Christmas '12. Tony gave me a number for a guy (Winfix)
and he came out 3 times to fix it but couldnt do it. He took the parts from the door and i had to wait 8 weeks to get them back. I had to go over to Kylemore Road to get them..! I still have a broken balcony door. Does anybody know a tradesman who can fix these doors.?
My apartment is freezing? My maintenance fee does not cover for this damage nor does my home insurance:mad:
I know of 11 people in the estate who have had problems with their windows and balcony door. I am sure there are more. Very bad design by Walls.!
Please contact me if you had problems or if you can help.
thanks a lot.