Availability of Broadband


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I am in the process of buying a house in Rathcormac, will hopefully be a new resident within the next 3 months. I was wondering if anyone knew about the availability of broadband in the area. I've done a quick check on both the eircom and BT web sites to see if they provided a service but according to them them don't. Spoke to an eircom representative and she confirmed that it wasn't currently available but said that it would eventually. When I pushed her for an estimate as to when this service might be in place she couldn't give me an answer. I spoke to an engineer from Eircom while he was fixing my cousins telephone line in the city and he mentioned that a crew had been working on the broadband in the Rathcormac area a couple of weeks ago and said that this sounded promising. When I asked the eircom representative about this work she knew nothing about it!!!!

Anyway, has anyone in the area had any more luck than me in getting the answer to this vert illusive question. I've had broadband now for about 4 years and would definitely miss it if it wasn't available to me in my new home.


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I am also in Rathcormac and i have broadband with eircom and have it for the past few months. I didnt have any issue getting it and i think there are some other providers also.