Attempted Abduction

Ann Marie

New Member
Just to let you know there was an attempted abduction in Lanesborough Estate last night (Sunday) about 8.30pm.

Two boys saw a little girl approched by a white BMW/Audi type car and the passenger opened, she ran away calling for her mammy. The boys told their father who reported it to the Gardai in Finglas. They are currently investigating. There have been reports of a white/silver BMW/Audi car, back seat windows blacked out in the area of Hampton, Mayston, Lanesborough area, driver either bald or shaved head in his 30's, all discriptions are the same.

Please advise all children in the area to be careful. Report any incidents or suspicious cars to the Gardai, if possible take the reg. no. and they will check it out.

Please advise any other parents you may know.