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did anyone know that a man was attacked in the lanesborough park last week by some teenagers. they asked for his moblile and when said no they attacked him with an iron rod and beer bottle . be careful walking in the lanesborough park.


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Yes you are correct.A man was attacked in the park with a bar alright.I run one of the football teams that train in the park and i had just arrived at training.I just missed what happened and it was at the opposite end of the park to where it happened.
At first i was not sure what happened.It was only after the persons that did it had moved on that i realised what happened.The worse thing is they were very young.Even though i was a distance away i could see one was around 15 years old and the other about 12 or 13.Scum is all they are.Our team has been in the park over 2 years now and its steadily getting worse.