Art Space Exploration Workshops for Summer Projects

Art / Space Fun Affordable drawing workshops for Summer Projects.
I provide paper , pastels , hand wipes, and all equipment. :)

Deadly Moons - Internationally Acclaimed Art / Astronomy Workshop
Deadly Moons is a one hour interactive art/science workshop. I show the children 10 unusual moons from our solar system. I teach them some facts about these worlds and use language they would understand. Then the children vote on which is the deadliest moon, then they draw that moon.

In doing this they learn that there are other moons, they learn how these moons are similiar to ours but different. This activity helps to strengthen their observing skills which is both a science and art practice.
Deadly Moons teaches a little bit about our moon , and the other exotic moons in our solar system. We learn about moon phases, busy moons , quite moons , moon exploration and moon terminology . We have fun with moons and create our choices on black paper with soft pastels in vivid colors. Ideally suits Age 7- 12 years up to 50 children.

Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots Talk /Workshop
Rapid Rockets and Wicked Robots is a drawing workshop that teaches children about the rockets and robots used in exploring our solar system.

We take a look at a selection of space vehicles such as Sputnik, Apollo, Mars Rovers, Hubble, Solar Dynamics Observatory , and the Space Shuttle. We choose the space vehicle we want to draw then we produce lovely drawings on black paper with soft pastels in vivid colors .
Ideally suits Age 7 - 12 years up to 50 children

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