Anyone from Steeplechase on here??


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Hi Kat

Glad to see someone else using the forum. I don't think many people know about it as it seems to be mostly used by apartment dwellers in bigger developments. Probably a good sign - too much activity means a lot of disgruntled people, so there must be very little disquiet at Steeplechase! I have recently moved here and find it a lovely place to live, although we live in one of the apartments and have no neighbours so we feel like we are all alone. Looking forward to more people moving in around us and our section being completed by the builders - at the moment, it feels a bit unfinished. Do you know if there's a residence committee at Steeplechase?


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hi there,
not been on here for a while, seems like no-one else is either. you must be right that no-one knows about it!! i find steeplechase great too, im in the green, only real complaint is the inconsiderate parking...baffles me the way some people abandon their jeeps and cars on the road at the roundabout in the cul de know who you are!!! makes it near on impossible to get by them- sometimes actually feel like bumping the vehicles in question!! god forbid if an ambulance or fire brigade needed access to the houses at the bottom of the cul de sac. and all this mad parking is done in order to not have to walk an extra few feet to their house. laziness personified!! i know it can be an issue getting a space late in the evening, but there is enough parking, maybe not directly within a foot of your front door- but for gods sake, park in a parking bay and stop blocking up the road. rant over!!!


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Over a year since any activity on here!! Is it really that rosey is Steeplechase :)

Are there any people out there??

Question, anyone have details of resident association? Name / Number of secratary etc...??

Also, who is your property management company / agent?