Anyone else out there?

Hugh 7

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Well, it seems I'm the first (and possibly the last) person to post on the Malthouse forum. We've been living the Malthouse for a bit over a year. Only spoken to one neighbour on one occasion, apart from the obligatory "hello" as you walk past someone. Seems to me that this might be a good way for people to discuss things etc. Possible issues for discussion for me anyway -

- NTL coverage being disrupted because their cables are completely open for anyone to tamper with in the car park, I've shown it to 2 technicians and rang the company and still nothing's been done.

- Interesting to get an idea of the owner-occupier vs renter ratio, especially when it comes to getting the management company to get something done.

- The last management accounts had a line item stating that electricity bills for the year came to €50,000! Is that possible?

Anyway, this post might well come to nothing, you never know.

In the Malthouse, everyone can hear you scream..........

Willie Morrogh

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Hi Hugh,

I just heard about today. I don't live in the Malt House, but I work in the Maltings Business Park, which is opposite you.
I am a community worker with Dublin City Council and I am piloting a "mini-grants" scheme for the Marrowbone Lane area. The idea is that DCC grants a local committee 7,000 euro. The committee distribute application forms to every household in the Marrowbone Lane area. If 3 neighbours want to work together, they can apply for a grant for some community activity (set up a chess club, organise an outing or a barbecue, set up a community garden etc.) The local committee decides on who gets the grant, they give the grant and then 6 months later organise a function where all the recipients of the grant give an account of what they have achieved and show photos.

The purpose of the grant is to build neighbourhoods, encourage a new group of community leaders to come forward, and to meet the older group of community leaders, and to benefit the whole area.

If you would like to meet me to discuss this scheme, contact me at 086 8150320 or email


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Another Malthouse resident here. Been living here for the last year and a half (owner occupier).

Hugh - on your issues above, I did think it strange when I first moved in that the NTL boxes were completely exposed. In fact, when I got my NTL connected initially, I think the technician just reconnected a wire in the box. However, I haven't had any interruptions in service since, so haven't really thought about it much.

€50,000 seemed a lot to me too. I haven't been to either of the two management company AGMs since moving in as both happened while I was away. I know of friends in other apartment complexes paying a lot more in management fees, so again I guess it is probably standard. I have had to have the management company out twice for issues around leaks and electrics. The first time they took ages to do anything about it (in fact it seemed to get completely forgotten about), so the second time I made sure to keep on their backs about getting out and in fairness they did get everything fixed up quickely that time.

It would be nice to see others use this forum - could become a handy resource if somebody is looking for recommendations for services in the area. In relation to Willie's post above, this sounds like a great idea, but I think it would be good to build up more of a community feel to the place before embarking on looking for funding for anything.

Anyway, hope to use this forum more in the future. Hopefully some more users will happen upon it too!



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Hi all

I'm another owner occupier of the Malthouse, have been since 2004. Only discovered this forum for our apt complex just now.

What do you guys think of the annual management fee? I'm in Block D and it's 1,800 EUR per annum, which I think is quite high. Fair enough, there's a couple of (Danninger) guys who come around once a week or so and hoover the corridors and stairwells etc but other than that I don't see a lot to justify the charge. As Hugh pointed out, 50,000 for electricity is a bit much.

Let me know your thoughts,