Anti Social Behaviour


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Has anyone noticed that a gang of young kids are destroying the planting and also playing with all of the unwanted items that lazy residents leave in the bin grates.

Totally understand that kids need to have fun outdoors but what they are at is just dangerous.
Someone dumped a couch on the Ave side and they literally pulled it apart throwing the foam everywhere. The illegal dumping just adds to their options, another resident threw out a wooden bed frame and door which now helps them get into the bins and pull rubbish out of the bins to play with. I witnessed them pulling out dirty bottles and break them all over the road.

I think it is very unfair that the parents are allowing this, as mentioned it is dangerous for them and also the nearby cars. There are about 10 kids all of which are relatively new to the area, there are a few that i recognise. We all pay a management fee to keep the area clean and tidy, this anti social behaviour just devalues the area more. It doesnt exactly attract new buyers and thats a big worry for the future of Cedarbrook.
The scary part for me is that these kids are going around with the bed slats and i am not joking when i say this that they threatened me this evening when i tried to tidy the rubbish. They approached me while i was picking up the rubbish, i walked away as no matter how young they are they were in a group and to be honest the way they act i wasn't taking any chances.
I really dont know what to do as i cant ignore this, i am one resident out of at least 100 least living on the Ave side all of whom have drove by the kids.

I will have to report it to the mangement company as i do not except being threated by young children when i am puting my rubbish out.
Has anyone witnessed this behaviour ?


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I have witnessed that too its ridiculous! One of those children was trying to break a large stick in our post boxes! Every day I'm also worried about running one of them over. They play "chicken" every time someone tries to park and some of them you wouldn't even see out your back window, their that small. Continuously running back and forth in front of the cars waiting for you to hit them or scream!

It's unacceptable though as a grown person you can feel so intimidated by a group of young children and it shouldn't be the way. It's an unsafe area for them to be playing in either way and parents need to be more vigil!