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Campaign to Stop Anti-social Behaviour in Ireland

Welcome to the Saint Johns Park West, Greenpark, Clondalkin, website.
Covering Greenpark, Sruleen and neighbouring area.

The Campaign to Stop Anti-social Behaviour in Ireland is proud to announce to its regular web site visitors living on Johns Park East and West including neighbouring areas that they now have the opportunity to make a real difference to their neighbourhood by contributing to
The campaign to stop anti-social behaviour is a community based campaign that wishes to promote a better understanding on the effects of anti-social behaviour and the damage it is doing to communities. We need new members who will act as input to our web site and who will keep us fully informed of anti-social behaviour in their community or neighbouring communities.Your information is fully confidential and we will not reveal the source of that information.Any information that may be helpful to the Gardai in resolving anti-social behaviour or other criminal activities will be forwarded to them only on your consent. Join us now and let us start a new journey that will make life better for all our people.

Post information about activities in your area that are of interest to residents. Did you have ASB problems in the past or are you currently experiencing such problems? Let your neighbourhood know.
Church events
Youth Club activities
Sports club activities
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Now you have the opportunity to contribute and improve the neighbourhood you live in.