All of a sudden my fob stopped working? ?


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Hi everyone,

I arrived home from work on Friday evening last and my fob would just not activate the door. (Block 8) I couldn't believe it, just didn't function at all. At first I thought that maybe the panel was broken but then luckily enough a neighbour came along and let me in. This was quite a scary experience as my original plan was to go out late straight from work and I would have been home late and locked out! I called the management company and was referred to an emergency number, I got passed on from Billy to Jack and eventually after kicking up an almighty fuss I gave up. The person I eventually got through to told me that nothing could be done until the office opened on Monday morning. I'm sorry but this was just not good enough for me. It was then suggested to me to buzz a neighbour every time I needed to get in! I don't know any of my neighbours and still had no explanation why the fob wouldn't work. This is the first time I've had to call O'Dwyers and I've shelled out so much money to them over the past few years.
Needless to say I did not leave on Friday night as I had no way of getting back in! Today - Saturday morning I tried the fob again and lo and behold it worked!
Has anyone else had an experience like this?
I will be contacting O'Dwyer's first thing Monday morning - I need an explanation for number 1 why this happened and more importantly why was no one able to help me? Afterall what am I paying them for??


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I contacted Gallant Security this morning and I was told that my fob is wearing out and that I have to buy a new one for €84. I absolutely disagree with paying for a replacement defective key!!

Has this happened to anyone else?


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Key fobs

:mad: Hi guys,
I have had to replace my fobs twice since i move in and i am only a year here today, same thing fob going on and off. Sometimes i would get in other times i would have to stand around waiting on neighbours to let me in. I think we should be giving a manual code for the doors just in case it happens again. As for OPDM they are a waste of space, getting paid good hard earned money for nothing, when you have a problem you get (excuse the pun) Fobbed off.
Sorry but need to let off steam on this one...........
Key Fobs

I can’t believe they want to charge you €84 for a new fob! :confused: The fobs are also known as Radio Frequency Identification Devises (RFID). RFID is, in fact, a fairly simple process, that can be explained quite easily. Basically, a proximity reader emits an electromagnetic RF field that powers the electronics within the fob. The fob is referred to as being “passive” i.e. it has no batteries, and is only powered up when presented in close proximity (hence the name) to a reading device. Fobs used for this particular application are specifically designed to operate on a very low power ratio when activated, and transmit data at low frequency, well within European standards and guidelines.
Because of the fob’s ‘passive’ design there is no danger at all of harming other data that you may carry with you on cards such as credit cards or banklink or pass cards etc. This would be the case even if the RF fob was to become ‘active’, because of close proximity with a reading device, as the low power, and frequency combination, emitted from the fob cannot generate a sufficiently strong enough electromagnetic field to erase the data contained within these types of cards. The fobs actually operate at 125 kHz.
Now even if the information held on these fobs were lost, then all that you have to do is get it reprogrammed, not replaced. Even if you did need a replacement €84 is a complete rip off!!!:mad:

As for a manual code, there is one, there has to be. If the proximity reader has a key pad (i.e. for ring an apartment) then is has a manual code. This code is set by Gallant Security and is changed periodically. You may get in touch with them and ask for the code but I doubt if they will give it to you. They should, what if there is an emergency and you need access to your apartment and the fob they gave refuses to work or you don’t have it on you because you ran out with it or something, what then?

Let us know how you get on,
Good Luck...


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Key Fob

Just to update anyone that is interested and may have had similar issues. The fob starting working again so I continued using it. 4 weeks later and it has stopped working again. I called over to Gallant security and they insist that I have to pay for a replacement. This time however I was charged €60 - despite the fact I received a letter in the post from O'Dwyers last week informing me a replacement fob would now cost €50.
So now I have paid €60 for a new fob, I contacted O'Dwyers who have informed me that Gallant charged me the wrong price and it should be €50 - so now I'm expecting €10 back.
Also this could happen to anyone, you can end up just getting locked out with no warning! I don't know about you guys but for me this just isn't a good enough service, it can happen late at night or at the weekends and there is no process at all for emergency situations and if you are locked out it's still tough luck and we are paying over €2,000 per year for this service!
Fob off

Hi sumcardle,

I can’t believe they still charged you for that. We must get the code from them!! Every household should have the current code. If the householders are not allowed have the code, then who is and why??


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I got mine copied in Expert Security. They are only across the Liffey. €15 each. I even got a spare.