Alarms - Block E

Yvonne Donlon

New Member

In Block E2 there seems to be a huge problem with the "break glass point" being broken in the middle of the night causing the alarm to resound through all apartments. Has anyone else encountered this?

Needless to say when this has been raised by me with the management company their response is completely inappropriate and disinterested saying the system works with the cause being vandals.

I am frustrated with being woken up in the mornings and by the complete lack of interest from Abacus.

Does anyone else share my frustrations or have any ideas as to how we can get them to become interested?
I was speaking to Adrienne in Abacus last week about some other matters, and she suggested that herself and Myra could meet with reps from our blocks to go thrash out any difficulties that we might be having. Would this be something of interest? Last time we had a site meeting only 4 of us reps turned up, so not alot could be done!!

Y Donlon

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I would definitely be interested going to any meeting, I work in town though so it would be 7 before I'd be free. Sorry for delay in replying, there were problems with logging in. Yvonne