AGM Friday 21st May 2010 7pm Taylor's Hall, Back Lane (opposite 'Mother Redcaps')


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It's about time we get rid of this thieving management company once and for all. They have been pocketing all our hard earned management fees for themselves with thousands of euros gone missing. They haven't supplied the tax man with their accounts and are running the place as their own private little club, where they get free parking for their mates, backhanders, pocketing our money, running the place into the ground, and if we have a problem we can't even get hold of any of them.

Martin Maloney (maroon coloured Renault car, who walks about like he's the 'Queen' of Dublin) is/was a director of our management company. He set up his own management agency to clean, fix, repair things. So, essentially he is still writing cheques to himself from our money. He cannot show the relevant government authorities where our money has gone and cannot show us a breakdown of what our money is being spent on. He and his cronies have it all spent, that's why!

The place is in disarray and the manner in which these people (the 7 directors) go about 'serving us' is disgusting.

Come along to the AGM this Friday in Taylor's Hall, down the little side street (2 minutes walk from Bertram Court) opposite Mother redcap's old pub to get the board out and replaced by fair representatives who will look after the residents, not run it as a profit making scheme.

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Management fees

Agm was abandoned as Martin Maloney stood up and said that their accounts were not in order - from the 'horse's' mouth. New Agm Friday 16th July 2010.

Where has all our management fees gone Martin???? :confused: