Agm 16/07/10


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Please Please Please everyone come along to the new AGM meeting in Tailor's Hall - 2 minutes from Bertram Court, Back Lane (Parallel to lamb Alley) @ 7pm Friday 16th of July.

All we concerned residents ask is that all apartment owners come along and hear the lies that the Management Company have been telling us for years. You can decide for yourselves whether you want to keep them in or not. That's all we ask, you will then see for yourselves what has been going on for years, and try to find out where all OUR management fees have gone missing!!!

See you all on the day!

They are supposed to be our representatives for the upkeep of our lovely complex, and are running it into the ground. We have currently NO building insurance which is supposed to be paid every Year. They are keeping all the money for themselves and leaving our hard earned apartment investments at risk. They have no 'sinking fund' to cater for the upkeep of our complex in the eventuality of major works required.

They are supposed to be our representatives but we cannot contact them to talk about where OUR money has gone. A few of us have went to them to ask simple questions and have been met with abuse. Martin Maloney has started clamping cars in people's own, legally, expensively purchased, parking spaces.

You'd think they'd stand down if the people (you, the shareholders as apartment owners) who they're representing don't want them in, but we all now know there's too much to lose for them. All the directors of Bertram Court Management Company Limited haven't paid their management fees for 7 years, and they don't want to relinquish their 'power' or their 'accounts/books' or they'll be out alot of money.

I leave it in your hands. Come to the AGM on 16th July @ 7pm and find out how devious they really are.

Please feel free to air your opinions and questions here, and i will happily furnish you with the facts.

Thank you.

Residents for justice