Affordable Homes And Our Rights

Can we get any legal advise from anyone in Dun Saithne what our rights are on people who continue to break the law.I pay a large mortgage and i feel we don't get any protection from fingal county council.Thanks


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I would assume it would be the Gardai who would need to be contacted in the event of someone breaking the law, rather than Fingal Co Co??

Lawbreaking ie doing what? Antisocial behaviour? Or something to do with the contract between lawbreaker and fingalcoco?


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The residents committee have posted on this forum on many occasions why not give them a shout.
Not saying that you should plague them with your disputes but if it is something that is of concern to all then you should let them know.Also report everything you feel is appropriate to the gardai as it occurs - the gards have a tough job to do but it is part of their job to deal with lawbreakers no matter how petty the crime may seem.Reporting also helps the gards get a feel for what is happening in an area , which means they may be able to target the issues before things get out of hand.I'm sure this can be done in confidence if needs be.
As far as i know we are probably better protected than most in terms of anti social behavior etc, but the council need to be kept up to speed on everything that is going on if they are to issue warnings about anti social behavior.I dont know wheter reporting such things to the council automatically comes under the gardai's remit so its probably worth getting in touch yourself or through the residents committee.In the long term tackling problem residents/tenants can only work effectively when the Council, residents/tenants assoc and the gardai work together.