Access through Woodfield


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Hi all,

One thing I would really like to bring up is a walk through via Woodfield. I know there has been plenty of discussion on this but I really think if we all put forward a more secure walk way plan i.e. keyed gate or something, we would have a better chance

The permission has been granted for a 2.0m high wall, so this will be our last chance to fight for easier access to Knocklyons amenities.....

What do others think?


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I'm not sure I'm as keen on a walkway through Woodfield as it will encourage passage of kids through the estate - there's already groups of them coming up from Prospect and hanging around on the wall of the building site. I'd much rather priority was given to creating a footpath on Stocking Lane - it's dangerous trying to access the path by the reservoir.


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The only thing is though if we go a gated walkway and had a key no one would have access but us residents....


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The only access Id agree to is a gated walkway through Woodfield, but lets be fair, they are hardly going to go for that. I agree that the lack of a path on Stocking lane is a much bigger issue. I love going for walks but am terrified on the portion of road Ive to walk on, its an accident waiting to happen.
I unfortunately was unable to attend the AGM, can someone fill me in on what happened about the walk way and all other issues. Was a residents commitee created? Thanks a million, I was so annoyed to be missing it.


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Gate to Woodfield

I have seen gates put in estate walkways using a coded system, better than keys and safer.
I do however agree that a pathway on Stocking Lane should be a priority.