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  1. NickieJane

    Smell in drains

    Does anyone have stagnant water and bad smell coming from the grate in the kitchen and bathroom floors ? Any ideas or help would be great Thanks
  2. NickieJane

    Locked out of own apt by managment company !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Longboat quay management company has refused to give us the new door change code due to arrears in Management fees. We do have a weekly direct debit set up and we plan to increase it however I have called and text asking for statement and copy invoices to be emailed to me but so far received...
  3. NickieJane

    Maintenance Fees

    Hi all I'm about to move in to longboat quay soooooooo excited. But can anyone give me appox figures on Maintence fees habour fee etc. I know i will get them when i closed but i would like to have a rough idea. We were told 1 half years ago by the DDA that they were €1500 but from looking...
  4. NickieJane

    Pets Allowed?

    Hey just wondering if we are allowed pets?