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    Heating System

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has experience with re-setting the heating system in Clon Brugh? Some radiators are not heating enough, others are getting too hot. I've noticed the Bar pressure gague is lower than it should be. I just cant figure out how to get water in and then restart the...
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    Windows open in The Park (block A)

    Just to say that after the fire alarm sounded in part of the block The Park, I rang the management company emergancy number. I told the guy that the alarm had gone off but was stopped and that the automatic windows were still open. This was on Saturday, the windows are still open! I'll try to...
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    Management meeting

    Hi As the meeting went I longer than I thought last night I couldn't stick around after, I know some people from The Glen (I'm in The Park) said that they had some form of issues list or forum, if anyone has the details maybe it could be included here for people to be aware of it. Otherwise...
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    Channel 4 feed from Sky Conway

    me again, just wondering if the feed for channel 4 disappears for anyone else. Its happened about 3 times:mad: that Channel 4 disappears, then after a day or so I can tune it back in. Will contact Sky Conway but just thought I'd see if anyone else had same problem. Elaine.
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    Blackglen Road works

    Hi, This was on the ROCKVIEW forum, just an FYI for people who use the Blackglen road. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Resident, The road design section of the County Council has, as you may be aware, been working on plans to upgrade the Blackglen Road. The...
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    Hi I am looking to get broadband in but I don't want to have a land line. If anyone already has a broadband service would appreciate any feedback. I would need something for some downloading and working from home so it would have to be one of the higher end (I guess). Appreciate any...
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    NCA report into Property Management Companies

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but in case anyone is interested in the full details of the consumer agency report on Property Management Companies. There is a summary but also a report/booklet to download.