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    Bin Store Survey

    I know I'm not the only one appalled at the state of the bin store lately, and apparently it was worse over the Christmas holidays. While the transfer of management agent may be playing a part (I believe the bins weren't collected one week), I was in the bin store the day after the bins had...
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    Indesit cookerhood light switch

    The light switch on my cooker hood has gone a little odd. It turns on OK, but it's a bit of a struggle to turn it off. I suspect that a spring or something has come loose. Does anyone know how to remove the cover to get in to the switch panel? Has anyone taken the cover off before, and was...
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    Anyone lose a dog?

    A small dog has been hanging around the courtyard all day. Very friendly, but no collar. He's not with anyone. Has anyone misplaced a small dog?
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    Low mains water pressure Academy

    Anyone else in the Academy notice that the mains water pressure is very low this morning?
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    Academy Owners - save the date

    The Res Assoc is planning a meeting of Academy Building Owners for Monday, January 21st, 8pm to discuss plans for the handover of the building. We hope to have the flyers out and the agenda typed up early next week, but in the meantime please note the date if you're interested, and help...
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    Irish Rail - draft 2013 timetables consultation

    Irish Rail are now accepting comments on their draft 2013 timetable. I've only taken a very quick glance, but it looks like Park West will be left with fewer trains after the change (though I'd be happy to be wrong on that one). So, now's your chance! Take a look at the timetable, and...
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    Power outage today

    For those of you arriving home soon, there was a power outage around lunchtime. As well as the obvious things you might want to reset, don't forget the immersion! The power was out long enough to a) reset the clock, but b) reset the on/off timings to the factory settings (which are much longer...
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    Own up, who's got a prisoner in the basement?

    I'm mostly joking. For the last month or so, there has been a regular hammering noise, at all kind of weird times. Initially I assumed it was someone hanging a picture, but if so, there mustn't be an inch of wall left uncovered at this stage. Anyone else heard frequent hammering noises...
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    Another film crew

    Setting up in the carpark near the M50 at the moment, for filming tomorrow.
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    Water Reforms

    From : I've been writing to both Hogan and his predecessor, Gormley about water metering since this idea was first put forward. Let me say from the outset, I am in favour of water metering (you may not be, but...
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    Don't start cooking a turkey...

    The smaller electricity pylon beside the M50 has just gone bang in a gust of wind with some rather spectacular fireworks. ESB Networks have been contacted, and are on their way. Don't be terribly surprised if we lose electricity for a while at some stage when they start fixing it up. Of...
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    Anyone have a manual for the pump?

    I suspect that the pressure in my pump isn't quite right. Someone mentioned previously that there's a specific pressure the "thing" should be at, and there's a valve on the top of the pump where you adjust it (presumably with a compressor). I never received any manual or details for my pump...
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    Priory Hall fire safety issues

    From RTE: When I was purchasing here in Park West there was a bit of a delay in signing the contracts as my solicitor was waiting on the Fire Certificate. I never actually saw the cert, but understood it was issued by the local Fire Officer...
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    How to prevent tailgating?

    The house rules were dropped through the letter box (along with a notice about water sanitation) during the week. The one I always wonder about is "Do not allow other cars to tailgate you into the carpark." With the speed the gates open and close at, how can you prevent it, other than...
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    Fix My Street

    New initiative from South Dublin County Council: It's an interactive map, where you can log issues such as potholes, broken street lights, graffiti or leaks. There's a category filter on the right hand side of the screen - it's quite amusing/sad to switch it to...
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    How lazy are you?

    Went down to the Academy bin store earlier with some rubbish. Right inside the door the two red bins were full to overflowing, and people had left additional bags on the ground around them. The next green bin in the line was also overflowing. 5 paces beyond those, there were 3 practically...
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    Gardaí doing the rounds

    Gardaí are wandering around the place looking for people's names, ages and car reg's if you're going to be at home during specific dates in May "for reasons of security". They'll also want to know the names of any visitors you're planning on having.
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    Irish Rail Timetables changes - public consultation

    Full details here. Closing date early February.
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    Water outages across Dublin

    Have been hearing rumours all morning of water being switched off tonight, it's now on the IT. It doesn't seem to be decided yet, but watch out for it. From the Irish Times:
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    Parked near hoarding tonight?

    If you're parked outside near any hoarding tonight, you might want to go check your car - it looks like some of it has blown down :(