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    toilet cistern button

    Last time I was in woodies they had a couple of different ones. I got my replacement ones in Smallmans in Ranelagh though (its on Sallymount Avenue)...
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    toilet cistern button

    I replaced mine there a while back. Think there is a place in Ranelagh, but my dad picked it up for me. I'll check with him and let you know.
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    Belarmine Plaza

    Great addition as it has a Lawlors more dodgy parking in Rathmines.
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    Belarmine Plaza

    Good stuff. Must check it out today (once i find it.)
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    Our neighbourhood?

    shergar thats a fantastic idea...even if just a hand full of people got together to organise something. Doesnt have to be elaborate; I'll put a little notice up on the board in my block (the park) and see if we can get some people interested.
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    How many actually use this site?

    Sound will do...
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    How many actually use this site?

    I'm in Clon Brogh and it is exactly the same.....the dish is getting more and more tempting, (no point me having a 42" full hd tv otherwise).....
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    Road Widening at Lambs Cross

    yeah thanks for posting after years of messing with the dundrum/sandyford road, they'll spend another bunch of years messing with this. And they would have a job on their hands to widen hillcrest, it was put out there a few years back and they tried to screw the residents who then...
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    How many actually use this site?

    No contact details unfortunately - hopefully somone can post the details. If I come across any contacts I will let you know.
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    How many actually use this site?

    I think one of the other blocks in clon brugh had a forum but I dont know the site unfortunately. I wish there was more activity on the site - my 2 main grips are the monopoly Sky conway have in clon brugh and the extortionate rate for the management fee - I guess not many feel the same .
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    Heating System

    Thanks Rainer, I'll give that a try this week.....
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    Heating System

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has experience with re-setting the heating system in Clon Brugh? Some radiators are not heating enough, others are getting too hot. I've noticed the Bar pressure gague is lower than it should be. I just cant figure out how to get water in and then restart the...
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    BBQing on a balcony

    Hey Conor A george foreman bbq/grill could be the way to go (thats if you havent already got one sorted). Argos do a range of them with stands etc. Sometimes Dunnes or DIY stores them or similar.
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    How do we get more green bins?

    I noticed the thread marks on the grass but thought No, surely they wouldnt drive up to the bin house like that! I guess I should never underestimate people. I think that would have to be addressed through the management company. If they did that on a nice wet day they could dig up the...
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    New retail units in Belarmine Plaza

    I'm sure that planning permission included providing amenities, so I think it would be worth checking that they cannot now change the use of the empty units. It is worrying that its gone so long without any sign of up take.....
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    Hi Nick, In the end I went with BT, landline, broadband and you have a few different options in terms of downloads etc. I had to contact once for help and I have to say I was very impressed by their support. Web page is for info, I guess you could check out for at...
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    Crack in render

    I would've thought that this would be an issue for the builder (especially if it one of the blocks not handed over). And if the builder is responsible then there should be a requirement to do it to a high standard. Okay you may notice a difference in coloring but over time this should become...
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    squeways carparking

    With regard to allocation of spaces for Clon Brugh, this was discussed at the management meeting and those that were there agreed it was best not to allocate spaces. If people feel there is an issue then I guess we need to look at it again. I think it would be a difficult thing to sort out as...
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    Windows open in The Park (block A)

    Well the emgergency phone should only be with 2 people from the management company, so I assumed it was Mick I was talking to. I've noticed the delay on the door, and have found it open a few times when I guess people assume it should close behind but it hasn't. I have a list of things to...
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    Windows open in The Park (block A)

    Just to say that after the fire alarm sounded in part of the block The Park, I rang the management company emergancy number. I told the guy that the alarm had gone off but was stopped and that the automatic windows were still open. This was on Saturday, the windows are still open! I'll try to...