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    Management fees???????

    :confused: Hi all, Just wondering has anyone paid their management fees for 08/09 in Belfry Hall yet. i know there were a few issues that were getting sorted and i was unsure to pay this yet. Any info would be great. Tks
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    :confused: :confused: Hi all, I was just speaking to David (another new account manager) in ODPM regarding the issues in the belfry hall (landscaping etc) He is very unhelpful, and yes i was a bit pissed off when i spoke to him but he is so inexperienced. I deal with management companies...
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    Hi all, Has anybody seen who is responsible for the grafiti in the basement of Block B. Its like burn marks in the wall and its on the ceiling as you come down the stairs into the basement. Its up quite high so it can't be a kid. I have already told Sandra in ODPM about this and she said as...
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    What the hell was going on in the courtyard (Belfry Hall) on Sunday morning? Some skanger was screaming at the top of her voice Paula Paula Paula with no consideration for anyone. It was around 9am (my only lie in). It went on for ages and someone eventually decided to let her into the block...
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    Last nights noise.

    Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone else was kept awake by the banging last night. It sounded like it was coming from the underground car park in the Belfry Hall. It was going on until around 1 o'clock and then some muppet decided to start reving their car. Seriously do some people have no...
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    Dodgy Neighbour

    Hi All, Just wondering if anybody can offer advise on a dodgy neighbour. I have put this on the private section because i think it is a very serious matter. On several occasions a resident in Block B has been out on his balcony talking on his phone (which i do myself as the reception is...
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    Underground Car Park in Belfry Hall

    Hi all, I contacted Jackie in Lanigan Homes today to find out when the underground car park will be opened as i arrived home last night to find there was no parking at all. She was not aware that it wasn't open and she will come back to me in the morning as soon as she speaks to Anthony...
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    Weekend Antics

    Hi all, This doesnt bother me directly as i am in Block B but i seriouslty feel sorry for anyone who lives in the carpark side of Block D. I was going out early on Sunday morning and as i was getting into my car i heard loud music coming from the top floor apartment in Block D. Not only...
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    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else is bothered by residents hanging their washing over their balconies. I arrived home the other night and was not impressed to see someones bed linen on view for everyone else to see. When i signed my contracts i was told its against regulations to...
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    Messy Neighbours

    Hi all, I have moved into Block B in belfry hall recently and so have a couple of other people. Over the weekend i noticed a couple of newbys leaving their rubish around and not putting it in the bin store. There is loads of stirofoam lying around block B, it just looks really crap when we...