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    AGM Belfry Hall tonight

    Hi all, Just a quick reminder that we have our AGM in the Citywest Hotel @ 8 o'clock tonight. Hope to see you all there. M&S
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    Notice to ALL Belfry Hall Residents (AGM)

    Just a note to our residents reminding you of Belfry Hall’s Annual General Meeting taking place Monday evening in Citywest Hotel at 7:30pm. We have asked O’Dwyer Property Management (ODPM) to give a presentation to attendees on our financial situation. This is to try to ease any confusion...
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    Notice to All BELFRY HALL Residents and Apartment Owners

    RESIDENTS MEETING (BELFRY HALL) To get your input and to answer questions related to the budget pressures noted in out leaflet drop in Monday the 10th on May, we will be holding a RESIDENTS MEETING on Wednesday 2nd June at 7.30PM. Venue – weather permitting we’ll gather in the garden...
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    Belfry Hall AGM

    Hi All, Just to remind you that the Belfry Hall AGM is on this Wednesday (2nd of December 2009) in the Citywest Hotel @ 7pm. The AGM is your opportunity to raise any concerns and/or issues you have concerning our development with our Managing Agents, O’Dwyer Property Management, and also...
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    ESB Meters

    Finally got the keys to our apartment :D ! been trying to find the ESB Meters so i can get the reading. can anyone tell me where the meters are and if i have access to them? Thanks
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    Fire Cover

    We recently bought an apartment in Belfry Hall and we were wondering if the Management fee covers fire insurance?