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    Manor management fees

    Hi all, I am not a resident of Belfry Manor but of Belfry Hall, and just a small tip if you are starting a petition for your management fees maybe you should all do one first to remove BM Mgmt Co from your management company. The electees of a management company are their to protect your...
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    Management fees???????

    :confused: Hi all, Just wondering has anyone paid their management fees for 08/09 in Belfry Hall yet. i know there were a few issues that were getting sorted and i was unsure to pay this yet. Any info would be great. Tks
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    New Neighbour !

    Hi paulo, Firstly welcome to Belfry Hall... There are numbers assigned to the parking spaces but no one abides by them. To be honest i don't want to go away and leave my car in the same spot as my apartment so everyone knows i'm not there its the prefect opportunity for burglers..... In...
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    Agm Issues

    Hi Gavsix, By sensitive, i was implying that the issues you were discussing are for Belfry hall residents only and not for everyone else who looks at this site. When you signed your contracts you agreed to pay the management company every year, if the developers are not doing their work...
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    Agm Issues

    Hi guys, Can you get this moved to the private section please.... There are a few sensitive remarks about the development which doesn't look good...... Thanks
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    AGM Belfry Hall

    Hi Ella, As far as i know ODPM are drafting the minnutes and they will be available to all residents. I am not sure when this will be. Thanks
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    Agm Issues

    Hi, I was at the AGM and what i understand is that management fees still need to be paid. The landscaping and the problems with the underground car park in blefry Hall are nothing to do with ODPM it is down to the developers (Laragan Homes) to fix this problem therefore all management fees...
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    Digigate & Sky: The Ongoing Saga

    Insult Hi jON, I totally agree with the last post. You may be knowledgable in the area of tv connections but no everyone is and for you to asume and call your neighbours idiots really just shows me what mentality you have yourself. It is rude to assume people are idiots just because they...
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    Retail Unit - Community Centre

    The community centre has not been approved by the County Council - they had no idea that the developers where building a community centre in the Belfry Hall so it is not in their budget. Therefore they are no accepting the premises. This is the reason why all the retail units are left empty. No...
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    Hi, The end of the month sounds great to me for meeting to discuss sacking the management company. But we need to get onto the Belfry Managemenet Committee and get them involved - don't want to upset anyone. Afterall they are the ones who speak on our behalf.
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    Hi Ella, I have a copy of the Financial Statements for the Belfry Hall Management Company for 18 months ended 30 June 2007. No financial reports have been filed for this financial year yet. But they should be filed soon. Regarding AGM's they will not call one of these until they have the...
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    I am glad i am not the only resident with the views you all mentioned. I really think we need to do something about it as its a total disgrace. ODPM are totally unprofessional (David especially). I was told the mgmt fees are from 01st July - i did say that i received no notification yet and...
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    Mgmt Fee increase

    :confused: :confused: Hi all, I was just speaking to David (another new account manager) in ODPM regarding the issues in the belfry hall (landscaping etc) He is very unhelpful, and yes i was a bit pissed off when i spoke to him but he is so inexperienced. I deal with management companies...
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    Sky now available in the Belfry Manor

    Hi Liverpool5, I am in Block B and i would be interested in joining the Block B Sky dish. It goes against my grain to pay Digigate money for nothing. Can you send me over the number and and what i need to say so i can get onto Sky today. Thanks E
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    Satellite dish not allowed

    I know, I have already been onto the management company about these dishes and i also spoke to Laragan about it. It is really unfair that we have to pay Digigate and these residents are getting away with breaking the house rules. Before you know it all house rules will be broken and where...
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    management fee

    I ain't paying the fees either. Its a disgrace that a new development has sewage water in the car park its disgusting. It has been going on long enough now and it needs to be fixed. I know every new development has teething problems but these are serious concerns The landscaping or lack there...
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    Fire Alarm Block A Belfry

    Hi all, I am a resident in Block B when i first moved in a year ago the fire alarm had a habit of going off at all hours of the morning. It was a nightmare. We eventually got some answers and it turned out that the dust (as it is a newish development and building) was causing the alarm to...
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    Totally agree about Citywest. I went in to get a colour and highlights i have really short hair and it ended up costing me €235 coz the girl doing my hair left the highlights in too long and had to put a tint in and trim the bottoms. I won't be going back there in a hurry ROBBING...
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    Dentist in Citywest shopping centre

    Hi Slyer, I havn't used that particular dentist but i do use the one in Old Court which is part of the same surgery. There are 3 primacare clinics (dundrum,ballycullen and citywest). The same doctors/dentists rotate between the three. The one i got in dundrum was really good. Emma
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    Hi all, Has anybody seen who is responsible for the grafiti in the basement of Block B. Its like burn marks in the wall and its on the ceiling as you come down the stairs into the basement. Its up quite high so it can't be a kid. I have already told Sandra in ODPM about this and she said as...