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    Drugs out

    Hi Donna, Please contact the Gardai in Tallaght of your concerns .....the more we ring them in relation to antisocial behaviour the more they will patrol Belfry Hall. Also contact ODPM, they need to know of any goings on in the development! Please have evidence to back up your claim...
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    How do I turn off Mains water to have a shower replaced in my ensuite

    Hi Gavsix, not 100% sure of this but i think the tap for the water mains is up in the little hatch in the roof of your storage room. Theres a plumber who seems to know Belfry Hall well he would know where to turn it off.....and fix your problem! ill PM you his details if you want. M&S
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    Intruders in Belfry Hall - Beware

    Thanks Nigel, This just shows that people must NOT use the emergency exits for normal use. its resulting in the doors getting broken which allows these kids to get into the building........and possibly into someones apt! Not to mention the high cost in getting them repaired...
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    Has anyone an update on getting community satellite

    Hi Guys, You can just ring up Sky (Electroplus are the installers) and they can connect you to the existing comm dish. Basic packages start €25 and theres an installation fee......and you may have to buy your Sky box depending on which one you get. Digigate are gone so you wont have to...
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    Apartment Alarm going off for hours

    if any of you knows the apt no. can you please PM it to me? Thanks M&S
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    DigiGate, still paying?

    Digigate went bust back in June/July this year....probably knew they couldnt upgrade their systems for the change over and i never thought they made much money in the first place! Glad to be rid of them to be honest! you probably have noticed by now that your DD to Digigate stopped around...
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    Apartment Alarm going off for hours

    Hi there, My alarm went off there about 2 years ago. It was late (about 2 in the morning) and I got a phone call about it at the time and then a few days later I got a letter to remind me that I should have the loud alarm set to stop after 20 minutes as per the house rules: “Not to affix...
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    Water Pressure!

    Hi Snake Doctor, I just got a plumber out to fix it, think it was €120. No its not covered in the management fees as its part of your individual unit and not the common areas. M&S
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    Water Pressure!

    Check your water pump up in the celing of your storage room. my pressure went last year and that was the problem. apparently the ones that Laragan installed are useless! M&S
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    Leaks / water damage block d!! Or any block???

    Hi Mojo, Sorry to hear about your floor (and your neighbours). I’ve heard of leaks into people apartments in the kitchen and the bathrooms but usually the apt above is to blame, so this looks like a new problem! The reason why wooden floors were taken off the block insurance is that...
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    A need for accountability for non-payers of management fees!!

    Hi Ridiculous, The same thing happened to me (thanks God it was only for a couple of hundred euros). But sadly you do have to pay and then its up to you to chase your solicitor for a refund. your solicitor should have looked into whether there was monies outstanding on the apt before you...
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    DigiGate, still paying?

    Im still paying them (although i know its a waste of money as i have Sky). I'd be afraid to cancel coz if they notice they can just turn off your signal and you would also loose Sky. As soon as we (the owners) get the communal area legally signed over to us Digigate are gone, sadly its...
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    Clamping Belfry hall Citywest

    Hi Mervin, Clamping in Belfry Hall has been in ongoing discussion since the start of the year. it was brought up many times at residents meetings and agreed by those who attended the AGM in July. M&S
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    A Request... High Heels on wooden floors at 6am..

    I have the same problem.....except my neightbour likes to move furniture at 2 in the morning!!!!! please see section 19 if it becomes a real bother...
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    Saorview in Belfry Hall

    Hi Paul, After i read your comment i got thinking and went on a search and i found this. I dont think its good news. but if you are not paying Digigate dont cantact them and just use their service FOC until they notice. M&S
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    UPC broadband in Belfry hall?

    Hi Guys, We cant do anything until Sept at the earliest as there are legal stuff that needs to be sorted before Sky can take over the wires going through the blocks. Once the committee hear anything it there will be another news letter to inform residents. M&S
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    Belfry Hall Water Pressure

    Hi Tannucia, yeah im in Belfry Hall, Block B. I actually had a neighbour knock into me last night complaining about her water pressure so this morning i rang ODPM looking for Conor but hes on a site visit, ill try again tomorrow. im going to see if he has had many people ringing him about...
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    Belfry Hall Water Pressure

    Hi Guys, There is a problem with the water pressure but I don’t know if it’s a communal thing or if it’s a problem with individual apts. My shower temp has been fluctuating over the past few months. I’ve gotten an electrician to have a look at it and the shower itself is fine...
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    Belfry Hall TV supply

    yes the committee is aware of this. UPC said that they could come in but there are issues with the ownership of the common areas. so until all that is sorted there is nothing we can do. M&S
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    management fees are for Bin collections Electricity in common areas maintenance of the lifts maintenance of the fire alarms insurance of the buildings (which has soared in recent years) repairs to the fire doors / main doors / ESS system (including underground gates)....amongst other...