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    Incorrect Postal Address

    Hi all, I received a letter yesterday with the correct address but with the wrong addressee. If anyone knows the address for a "Benjamin Benny", could you please PM me and I will forward it on. Cheers, Paul
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    AGM - Bremore Pastures Property Management Ltd.

    Hi all, For those of you eligable to attend, the directions to the hotel in which the AGM is being held can be seen at the following address: Also attached is a map which can be used if travelling by car. Cheers, Paul
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    Christmas tree collection point

    For those who are interested in getting rid of their Christmas trees in a responsible manner:,9225,en.pdf This service is available from the 7th - 19th January 2008.
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    Tiles cracking in bathrooms

    Hi all, Myself (and at least one other resident) have noticed that some of the ground tiles (which had been laid by best tile, at an additional charge) have begun to crack. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Proper use of Rubbish bins

    Hi all, While I will be the first to say that there are an insufficient number of bins for the estate (something that I am currently talking to the Management Company about, please feel free to do the same), I have noticed situations where rubbish is being dumped beside the bins, even when...
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    What were you given when you moved in?

    Hi, Am due to receive the keys for my duplex within the week. Was just wondering what people received off the builders when the time came? Was it just keys or was their any documentation as well? In addition, were people given access the the electricity meter at the time so that they could...
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    Life insurance and Mortgage repayment protection

    Hi all, The time is coming close for me to get my keys (at long last). Will be doing my own research, but just out of interest, what companies did people go for for their various insurances? Thanks, Paulie
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    Getting the electricity connected

    Hi all, Just tried to get the electricity connected for the duplex this morning. Rang up the ESB and gave them my PRN number (this is something you can get of Bohans) and they said that they couldn't connect me until they receive a "wiring certificate" from the electrician on site! Has anyone...
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    New Pub in Castle Mill Shopping Center

    Hi all, Took a trip out to have a look at the development yesterday and I saw that a pub has opened in the Castle Mill shopping center, opposite the Dunnes. Its called the "Hamlet Inn". Didn't see inside but at least we have a local pub thats within walking (or staggering:) ) distance.
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    Kitchen Pictures

    Hi all, Was mailed some pictures from the kitchen company today. Have uploaded them to here: By looking at the plans for the apartments and the duplexes, I think I was able to determine which was which (I added this...
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    Socket, TV, Telephone and Wardrobe locations

    Hi all, I have created a diagram that shows the location of the sockets in the 3 bed duplexes that I was able to get off the electrician on site as well as the location of the wardrobes (which are located in the front 2 bedrooms and can be seen in the diagram also). Hopefully this information...
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    Derogatory comments about companies

    Hi all, I would like to point out that any derogatory comments about individuals or companies will not be allowed on this forum. This will be checked daily by myself and offending comments will be removed. The person who posted them will also be notified. Thanks
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    Shower information for Duplexes

    Hi all, Just got off the phone with the main electrician on site and the en-suite will contain an ELECTRIC shower which will either be a Triton T80 or T90i. You can see them here:
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    Dimensions for Duplexes

    Hi all, My girlfriend was onto Sarah in Bohan today and was able to get dimensions (in meters) for most of the rooms (these arent exact but should be something to work off): Sitting Room - 4.2*4.4 Kitchen - 4*3.4 Main Bedroom - 4.2*3 Ensuite Bathroom - 1.3*2.2 Single Bedroom1 - 2.1*4.3...
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    Kitchen, wardrobe and tile details for Bremore Pastures

    Hi All, Just got a mail from Stephen in Bohan with the following details. They should be posted up in MyHome in the next few days but for those of you how want them now, here you go: Wardrobes: “The company name is Cawleys and the contact number for them is 01 626 8182. Please feel...
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    New Information on

    Hi all, Some new information has been posted at: You can see whats new in the "Viewing" and "Extras" sections.
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    Bremore Pastures Pictures

    Hi all, Was out at the site this morning and took some pictures. They seem to be coming along well. You can check the pictures out here.
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    Useful links thread

    Could be a useful forum to start posting useful information. For starters...
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    New 4 screen cinema in Balbriggan!

    Hi all, the title says it all really. Being a cinema lover, I'm pretty happy with this! Saw this at It has been updated again and contains a few new bits of information so is worth checking out.
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    Wardrobes in Duplexes

    Hi all, Grasping at straws here, but does anyone know the location of the wardrobes within the duplexes. I know they will be in 2 rooms (1 being the en-suite) but does anyone know which ones and their location within the room? Thanks in advance!