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    Guest Car Spaces

    Did anyone receive a letter about guests arriving in the car park? Apparantly you must buzz them in and out on your card and they must park in your space, otherwise they'll be charged. My understanding is that all car parks for apartment blocks must have a certain number of GUEST car spaces...
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    Supermarkets + More Supermarkets: Tesco and Dunnes located on the Crumlin Road (about 15-20 mins walk) and Superquinn located on Sundrive Road. There is a Lidyl or Aldi on the Longmile Road and one on Cork Street too. Mini Markets: Spar in Kilmainham (SCR Hill) is the closest. There is a...
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    Old Chocolate Factory Apartments Delay

    I agree with the others. Galway Property Management should be given a chance. However, I would not be making any cheques payable to them as they are the managing agents not the management company (Each owner is a member of the management company). Find out the name of the management company and...
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    Old Chocolate Factory Apartments Delay

    Plans What info did the plans provide you with? I assume the overall square meters. Does the overall square meters include the balconies?
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    Old Chocolate Factory Apartments Delay

    Getting Worried Now! I have trouble getting in touch with Lalco too. But from the last conversation I had with them I was told the builders would hand over my apt on Oct 16th. I have rang a few times since to see if they are on schedule and no-one can tell me. I assume mine is nearly ready...
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    Old Chocolate Factory Apartments Delay

    Management Fee Have any of the new owners been informed of what the management fees are, or who the agency is? I have sent some queries to Lalco but have not received a response.